Terms and Conditions

At the time of making a reservation/package booking  and deciding to purchase flight(s)/Accommodation/Hajj/Umrah packages , you pledge that you are authorized to accept and do accept, on behalf of all passengers, the terms and conditions of making a booking with UK Hajj Umrah and agree to the booking conditions of any airline/contract principal whereby UK Hajj Umrah is acting as an agent. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you take time to thoroughly go through the terms and conditions applicable to all reservations made with and payments made to UK Hajj Umrah, as stated below.

The following terms and conditions are applicable on all bookings whether for a holiday package, Hajj package. Umrah package, flights only, car hire or just an accommodation – please read thoroughly OR contact our staff to discuss/answer your questions about any ambiguity.

  1. Reservations shall be made over telephone, in person, online or by mail without any obligation.
  2. Reservation is followed by confirmatory email from consultant to the traveler (provided that the correct email address is given in time). The confirmatory email contains detailed traveller information, schedule, payment, company contact and terms & conditions link.
  3. Tickets are only issued once agreed, replied or confirmed by the traveller. Issued tickets are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable.
  4. Deposits for flights, Hajj and Umrah packages are completely non-refundable.
  5. Deposits can not be changed to buy smaller services after a bigger bundle has been purchased against them. e.g deposits for an umrah package can not be asked to be used against for example, umrah visa only or transfers.
  6. Getting a Meningitis vaccination minimum 10 days before travel is your responsibility and not part of our package. In case of any problem, if you failed to get it, we will not be responsible.
  7. Please confirm names, itinerary and other flight details before issuance of tickets. After issuance, any changes in name, schedule etc. may be subject to airline change/cancellation fees amounting upto full payment of the ticket/s.
  8. In case of airline refusing to change/refund tickets without giving any reason, we will not be liable for any loss.
  9. In case of deposits, more than initial suggested amount, upto 50% of the payment may be deducted as the non-refundable part. For Hajj and Umrah packages, refund amount will be less, what the company has paid to suppliers (in UK or KSA) against that booking plus the deposit amount.
  10. Direct flights may include a technical stop, which may or may not be mentioned on your itinerary. This is normal with airlines. Please clear any doubts regarding this with us. After issuance, we will not be responsible for any misunderstandings.
  11. Any and all visas, are not our domain to advise. We will not be responsible in case of an embassy, delaying or denying Visas to an individual. In case of Umrah Visa, we only take payments for applying on your behalf and as soon as MOFA number arrives, we are charged for the visa, whether or not actual visa is issued. Your refund in case a visa is not issued due to any reason, will be according to the respective airline or hotel rules. In certain cases, where tickets are non-changeable, non-refundable, it may be equal to the full amount of the ticket/s paid. The responsibility of being in possession of valid travel documents  and complying to the country and airline’s regulations rests entirely on the passenger/s traveling. In case of denied boardings, we will not be responsible for any losses occurring as as result.
  12. Verbal communication are of no value. Please ask for a written from our agents in case of any ambiguity. In case of changes, cancellations, or any other scenario, an agents deems required, he/she might request you for a request in writing.
  13. Wherever, UK Hajj Umrah, acts as a sub agent of a supplier in UK, and conveys the same to the passenger, its responsibilities are limited to providing services in UK only. Parts of the KSA arrangements will be responsibility of the supplier. And we have no part in the same. Any disputes regarding the same should be taken up with them directly.
  14. E-Tickets (Electronic Tickets) are issued and sent via email once full payment is made before deadline / ticket time limit / expiry and after schedule/itinerary is confirmed by traveller in written and any/all document (in case of third party card) are provided.
  15. In rare cases, where no email address is provided, the traveller may visit the office in person to collect tickets or request tickets in post (mailing/post may take less/more than 72 working hours). Postal charges may be levied against any such requests.
  16. After the initial deposit, the traveller can continue making part payments weekly / monthly or make the full remaining payment at the given date / before deadline, or as advised by the agent.
  17. There will be no contract between the seller and the buyer until the card is charged or payment is made. In cases where wrong card / payment information is provided or card declined or third party card forgery/fraud is suspected, no contract will apply.
  18. All or any call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. Customer feed backs, survey information or communication may also be used for marketing, public information or where required. However, customer personal information / payment details are only discussed with the customer him/herself .
  19. In case of technical errors in online reservation, considering that to be systematic in nature, no contract will exist between you and UK Hajj Umrah. While in case of Phonetic errors, the Verification Officer may utilize all sources and take a decision in the best interest of the traveller and the organization.
  20. In case of customized Hajj/Umrah/Holiday packages, the final email confirmation containing vouchers will void all written/verbal communication before that for package arrangements.
  21. Payments are only accepted by bank transfer. In case of checks, any delays in clearing of checks, whereby affecting fares in question will be transferred to the passenger.
  22. For Adult travellers, travel information / details will only be communicated, discussed or responded to the traveller her/him self. Parents/ Guardians can discuss the travel details of Infant / Child / minors / Senior Citizen (above 60) / Special or disable persons, provided that the reservation is made by parent / guardian directly.
  23. All hotel and transfers bookings are non-refundable, non-changeable and non-transferable once confirmed.
  24. Ziyaraats, when included in the trip are, for limited time in Saudi, usually 2-3 hours in Makkah and Madinah each. Please co-operate with drivers in this regard.
  25. Passports may or may not be taken from you at Jeddah airport by Saudi officials. Please co-operate with the officials in this regard. This and any other official procedures, Saudi government introduces from time to time are not part of our package and to stay update of these regulations is your responsibility.
  26. Hotel star ratings in Saudi Arabia are not the same as in UK. So please prepare your mind accordingly. Do not expect the same standards as in UK or elsewhere in the world. We will not take responsibility of any difference in expectations. We as a company prefer selling 4 Star and up hotels. 3 Star/Economy hotels are provided on customer’s insistence only. We are not responsible for service standards for the said hotels.
  27. Triple and Quad rooms in most 5 star hotels include a sofa-cum-bed or extra bed in the room or in lounge in case of suites. This is a hotel configuration and we can not provide any extra bedding once in Saudi.
  28. For children above 4 years of age, we recommend that you book a separate bed. If you book a room smaller than your requirement, and/or the hotel refuses to accommodate a child according to their policy, you will be responsible to book the extra bedding and make arrangements as such.
  29. In case of a member of family joining a group already in KSA, adjustments may be made to the existing room instead of shifting them to a new room. In case of any complaints, please consult our representative in KSA.
  30. Please ask for full details of the room configuration before you travel. Any mahram issues or privacy concerns that arise on arrival, arising from your lack of knowledge or information, will not be our responsibility.
  31. Any complaints regarding hotels or transfers service should be brought into our notice, once you are in Saudi Arabia. We will try to resolve it in the best manner possible. No complaints that were not registered in KSA or ones that were addressed and resolved there, will be entertained on return and customer will not be able to claim any compensation.
  32. All payments pertaining to your bookings should be cleared well before you travel. The company reserves the right to void any bookings in Saudi, if the payments are not settled in full.
  33. In Makkah and Madinah, due to travellers being in a state of Ihram, rooms are normally twin and not double bed. This is different with different hotels. Changing twin rooms to double or vice versa will entirely be hotel’s discretion and subject to availability of such a room in the first place.
  34. The deposit is deducted from the total ticket cost i.e. the first Deposit is also a part of payment towards total ticket cost. Upon final payment the flight schedule and price as applicable/available on date of full payment/confirmation is resent/communicated to the traveller for reconfirmation/difference payment prior ticket issuance.
  35. In case if schedules/flight details/price are rejected or objection by the traveller after purchase and before tickets issuance (at the time of 1st confirmatory email), considering if there is a valid reason, the travel consultant will provide/inform any/all alternate flight options to best suit traveller”s priorities. However, some flights/reservations may not be transferable or changeable depending on airline / destination and cancellation charge may apply.
  36. For regular or Deposit reservations, if at the time of ticket issuance the airline schedule is changed/revised or if the airline is no more available/operating, or in case if any currency fluctuation, tax or fare difference has occurred during the course or applicable, the traveller will be notified. In such cases, (if required) alternate flight options will also be offered and payment can be adjusted in new flights at fare/cost difference as applicable and payable by the traveller. Fares, Taxes or any charges may be revised by airline or governing body at any instance unless the tickets are confirmed in writing, documents provided, fully paid for and issued same day.
  37. In case of late payments, part payments, deposit reservations, late schedule confirmations, late third party card document submission, airline policy change, fare/tax revision etc. the availability of fares is inductive and confirmed on full payment, at same day of ticket issuance.
  38. A secondary Schedule verification may also be sent at the time or prior ticket Issuance, if required. Any/all matters related to cost / schedule/name/transits should be settled before ticket issuance and the agency will not be liable / accountable once the business is over between the seller and the buyer and the product (ticket/accommodation voucher) is delivered.
  39. Cancellation will be charged if change factors are external (other than UK Hajj Umrah itself) or if the Flights are cancelled by traveller her/himself on free will or other reasons. The cancellation charges before ticket issuance are those as stated in company policy, while cancellation charged after ticket issuance is as stated in airline policy (For exact amount of cancellation please contact your concerned agent/consultant). Reservations can also be entirely non-refundable in case of most economy or special promotional fares depending on individual airline policy and destination, please recheck before applying cancellation.
  40. Any individual behaviours in Saudi will not be our responsibility. If a member of third party services like hotels or transfers or any government official/s extend any untoward behaviour towards yourself or members of your group, we will not be responsible or held accountable. However, please do let us know if it is regarding one of our service providers, as we will take appropriate action on the same.
  41. Most importantly, you should always book travel insurance to cover you towards any untoward situation like missed departures, lost baggage, health issues, death (May Allah keep you safe in your journey). It is our strongest recommendation to book travel insurance. You can arrange this with your bank or any other travel insurance company.